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    PS3 not switching off normally?

    Ok... small question here:

    When I use the PS3Break V1.1 or the P3Hub2 on my PHAT PS3 it runs like a charm. I do need to cut the power or else it still won't work but thats not the worst problem.

    The problem I am facing is when i want to shut down my PS3. It beeps once... then the green light is blinking and then it gives the triple error sound (beep beep beep) and shuts down. Is this supposed to go this way?

    Oh and is it normal that i need to power off the PS3 entirely? (with the switch on the back??)

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    With my Ipod nano 1g my ps3 shutdown with 1 beep if i press the button again i come back to the ps3 xmb but without JB mode(as expected)
    i dunno if this is cause i have the slim,but i would try to upgrade u`r stick to the newest payload if an upgrade is available for u`r ps3break,cause u`r problem didn`t sound like the standard jailbreaking

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    you NEED to turn the the turn the switch on the back off for the jailbreak to run when you boot your ps3 up, question, are you quiting the game and pressing power on an idle state on the ps3? or are you doing it during when a game/app is running?

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    i tried 2 things:

    1. Just push the XMB button and choose Shutdown
    it results in 3 beeps

    2. Pulled out the PS3Break / P3Hub and shut it down
    It results in 1 beep (normal)

    Anyone noticed the PS3 hangs when you try to watch a movie via XMB when in JB mode?? Ihave 10 movies on my HDD... but it cannot even give the small preview window... Weird...

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    It doesn't hang for me.

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    I wouldn't worry about it, I used to occasionally get the triple beep "bad shutdown" before jailbreaking was even available.

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