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    Anthogno Guest

    PS3 not spinning discs

    12 December 2007.
    It was a sunny day, the birds were singing and i was happy. It is my birthday and i am unwrapping my shiny new PS3, 40 gig. I was very pleased with my beautiful present and couldn't wait to "own newbs" with Call Of Duty 4. After reading various notes about low failure rate, i was so sure that nothing could go wrong. So ive started playing. Graphics - amazing, sound - amazing, atmosphere - amazing.

    15 december 2007
    I have finnished the single player campaign and was ready for some hardcore online action. This is when i update my PS3 from 1.93 to 2.03.
    I play for hours two hours when suddenly the game froze while loading a map. Not the first time that ive had those freezing issues during those 3 days. I am dying for some action so i reboot the system. Everything looks normal except that the COD4 icon is nowhere to be found. So i eject th BD and put it back in. Nothing happends. I try to play a dvd. Nothing happends. I reboot, replug all the cables, reset the console, reboot, wait for an hour, reboot and nothing. Panic, frustration. Faulure rate under 3%. Am i that unlucky? So i google up "Ps3 not spinning discs" and I see various topics.

    Are all of them Microsoft fanboys trying to make PS3 look bad? Hmm
    Were they all just unlucky? hmm

    Those 3%, where did it came from? When were those numbers measured?
    Anyway, its safe to say that those number should be updated.
    But most important: whats going on? Some people say that those problems relate to firmware updates 2.00 , 2.01, 2.03 and 2.10 .
    Some people say that there was a problem with the BluRay diode production.

    I just hope that its a known issue for a cerain shimpent and that i dont have to send it for repair ever again.

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    amartinez1660 Guest
    oh my god, i really wish you good luck with that. Not heard of that problem before...

    What it's happening to me is that after 6 months of use my ps3 is acting really weird, it hangs up while playing a movie if I go once to the XMB and back to the movie, it throws me out from R6Vegas to the XMB without notification and then hangs... It's acting like a PC but without the blue screen of death.

    At least can play for several straight hours though...

    Anyone, lend this guy a hand...

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    ashdam Guest

    Have you contacted Sony Support Service?

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    aftermath666 Guest
    its too bad man. i have the same problem too... and there are many people i know in turkey. i think its not only %3.. in our country they give a new console after you give your ps3 to service.

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    Arnie Pie Guest
    A friend of mine had the same thing happen last week.. they got Sony out to pickup/swap the PS3 too.. was all pretty straightforward. But try to back up your save/game data before you get it sorted, if you can.

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    maya2006 Guest
    hey , this is my first post here and hope i could help..

    try a hard reset, this might solve the problem.... or the best thing you can do is to update to firmware 2.10

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    awwdeit Guest
    This sounds like the same issue my roommate last year. After the 1.11 update the games would start up fine but would freeze in-game. He noticed that the disc stopped spinning after the freeze. Not sure if it was the Blu-ray drive or something else on the PS3 though. He contacted Sony customer support and they replaced the unit.

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    aftermath666 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by maya2006 View Post
    hey , this is my first post here and hope i could help..

    try a hard reset, this might solve the problem.... or the best thing you can do is to update to firmware 2.10
    no hard-reset doesnt use in this situation..i try a lot of hard reset and firmware update. it doesnt work. the problem is blue-ray lens

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