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    wreksta29 Guest

    Exclamation ps3 not running games, serious help guys?

    hi there, i'm in dyer need of help here. i had my ps3 slim 120gb jailbreak for a while using blackat usb and the 3.50 spoof payload and was functioning perfectly, i tried to the downgrader went to 3.50 then back to 3.41 using files available, but since i done this i get 80010017 ,8001002b black screens and 3 beeps then resets into none jailbreak mode.

    also medal of honor wont load all the time from open manager, sits on installing data you have to try to run it a few times before the data installs but why does it keep repeating the data install.

    please help as its got me stumped was going to do full hdd format but don't want to lose games on hdd.

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    boob4me Guest
    make sure your usb is formated to fat 32 before downgrade

    - redo downgrade
    - follow tut to the exact "T" and you should be fine!

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    elser1 Guest
    is it not running games in retail mode.. this maybe the issue with the bd player.. i'm not sure as i've no need to downgrade but i've read on here there is a problem after downgrade with bd drive not working.. easy fix though... use search for problems with bd after downgrade... also your error code.

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    Aussiegamer Guest
    hey guys, i have also had problems with the 80010017 error, i know that the error has to do with bd player loading or not loading correctly, im trying god of war 3 when i get this error, the game runs fine from normal start up but i get 80010017 error when i try to run from back up manager. does someone know how to overcome this problem? or do you know how to GOW 3 running?

    thanks guys

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