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Thread: PS3 not reading Blu-ray discs help?

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    metzen Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bigvern1979 View Post
    i'm using the rebug 4.21.1 cex i know if your using dex the dummy thing works but not sure how to convert to dex so i don't want too mess and brick me ps3
    No the BDEMU that I'm referring to is for CEX not for DEX. Give it a try because the worst thing that will happen is it will give you an error trying to load.

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    bigvern1979 Guest
    thanks will do

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    G Sus Guest
    try checking to see if the tools needed for drive remarrying can only be run in 3.55, someone might have a few tools that works in 4.xx
    i've never heard of any , but that dont mean they dont exist.

    i still reckon your best bet is to downgrade to 3.55 and remarry the drive properly, then update back to 4.25rex.

    ok its a lot of hassle, but its possibly your only solution.

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