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Thread: PS3 not reading Blu-ray discs help?

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    bigvern1979 Guest
    i have the same problem with not reading games was looking into buying a new drive but after a bit of research found out that if i bought one it wouldnt make any difference as it would not be married up to my ps3 mother board so would only read dvd and cd disc just wanting to know if this is true or if there is a way to remarry the drive up

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    G Sus Guest
    if you keep your old BD controller board and just connect it to a new drive i believe it should just work. if you think the BD card is faulty and have to replace the full unit. then yes it has to be remarried. but yes it can be done. i think you would need to be on 3.55 to do it though, as i dont think the tools work in 4.xx. i could be wrong though. things change fast lately with ps3.

    look in the forum for ps3 downgrading and brick fixing , Racer is smart he'll be able to aim you in right direction of files needed etc.

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    bigvern1979 Guest
    i was gonna replace all the drive as i took it to bits and some went click and now it wont even take a disc in i was gonna swap bd drive out of my ofw ps3 but when i did it wouldn't work so that will be why cause it needs re marrying but ain't going back to 3.55 can't mess aging i shit it when upgrading lol

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    G Sus Guest
    rebug 4.25rex has a bd emulator mode if you make a dex flash file, and run it in full dex. then you don't need a bd drive at all but its not simple to set up.

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    bigvern1979 Guest
    sounds a bit too much for me to don't understand all the rex dex and cex thing lol

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    G Sus Guest
    the converting to dex and back again isn't really worth the risks. i'm sure you can get help with remarrying the bd in the forum for ps3 brick repairs and downgrades, racer is a pretty smart and helpful person.

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    pedro800 Guest
    if your bd drive is dead, you can use bd dummy, only working on cfw rebug rex

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    bigvern1979 Guest
    might be a silly question but where would i find bd dummy is it i the tool box or is it another pkg i need to download?

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    metzen Guest


    BigVern you need is BDEMU-355KM.pkg. I'm not sure what firmware you are using though as this was tested on Kmeaw CFW.

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    bigvern1979 Guest
    i'm using the rebug 4.21.1 cex i know if your using dex the dummy thing works but not sure how to convert to dex so i don't want too mess and brick me ps3

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