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Thread: ps3 not reading any discs help?

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    lilthumb Guest

    ps3 not reading any discs help?

    My ps3 stopped reading any type of discs. It doesn't even spin them. I figured it was my lens and replaced it, but I still have the same problem.

    I noticed that my clock icon only spins 'one hour' when I put in a disc. I've read that others who replaced their lenses mentioned their icon would spin for a few seconds. Did I get a bad lens, do I have to check my connections?

    Or does my clock spinning 'one hour' mean I have a controller issue?

    I appreciate any help.

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    severusx Guest
    Sounds to me like it's more of a drive motor / drive controller issue. If it was the lens I would think it would at least spin up the disc. Take a look at some of the hardware support threads for some ideas about your issue.

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    EiKii Guest
    have you tried the recovery menu? sometimes its a "database" ie corrupt driver, tho it should spin the disc then,

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    cackalack Guest
    yeah thats not the laser the clock tells you a lot, if it spins for say 15 secs then stops clean laser, if it spins constant replace laser, if it just goes round a hour like you say I've never got that prob to work I've tried every possible option ie restore files option, change laser etc etc it's ur logic board prob bin corrupted by one of sony's firmware upgrades.

    they should foot the bill but won't.. basically your bluray logic board no longer matches your ps3 and needs remarrying, i repair ps3s daily but that prob you describe I've had twice and not found a fix, was hoping with downgrader getting into service mode would open some doors but there's keys you need that ain't been leaked YET.

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    lilthumb Guest
    glad to hear someone else is having or heard of the same issue. thanks.

    We'll I might try another drive and transfer the NAND chip. Sounds like I've got nothing else to lose.

    yes, I've also done the recovery options.

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