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Thread: ps3 not read any disc

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    ddp2006 Guest

    ps3 not read any disc

    have 3 ps3 my friends ps3 not read any dvd or cd or blueray game its the
    ps3 80GB any help or any idea why the ps3 not read any dvd or blueray game disc what happen and any help how to fix it and why this happen ? nay help vip

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    VendeTTaa Guest
    With what little information you have given, my most likely guess would be a firmware issue. If this has happened right after updating your PS3, then it definitely is and you should contact sony to work out a replacement.

    Seeing as you have an 80gb, you should be under warranty still. It may also be that the lens or actual reader mechanic is damaged, maybe from moving the system with a game running etc.

    The only solution i can offer apart from contacting sony, is to update to a newer firmware, if you are not currently at 2.01 as i think(?) that firmware updates do a fresh install each time.

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    ddp2006 Guest
    1- how to make a fresh install each time
    2-i buy this ps3 for my friends from thailand when i was there and now i am in egypt any idea how to contact sony about the warranty
    3-and why the lens not read and the the 3 ps3 is new have one month only

    sorry 4 my english

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    VendeTTaa Guest
    You say you bought it in Thailand. Was it from a legit shop, or a bit dodgy as it could be a ps3 that has had its guts ripped out and replaced with cheap parts.

    Contacting sony may be a problem for you, im not sure how to handle that but it looks like your a bit stuck there.

    Its possible that you just got a faulty machine, or maybe transporting it over ffrom thailand damaged the lens mechanic. As i said before, if you are not on the latest firmware, try updating the console via the system update icon in the settings column second from the left on the ps3 menu.

    Other than that, i dont know what else to do mate

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