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Thread: PS3 not loading games including demos help?

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    megapombo Guest

    PS3 not loading games including demos help?


    I know i'm new here and maybe some of you may have a tip, hint or answer for my problem.

    I have a ps3 with ylod. And a friend offered me a ps3 with blu ray problems. I connected the blu ray from ylod ps3 to the one my friend gave me. But just before trying to play a game, i've updated to 4.25 version. Now, it don't detect that i have a blu ray.

    It loads the game, spins the game inside, but don't show anything in GAME section of ps3. Also, tried download 2 demos to ps3. Installed them. Everything ok. Now, when i execute any one of those, it starts loading and freezes in black screen.

    Can these problems be with updated version?

    i can't play games now... Any tips, hints ou solutions to this? Please help me...

    Best regards,

    Forgot to say... My ps3 is 60GB FAT CECHC04

    Where's the control board of blu ray? Maybe there's the problem? Didn't switched them? Also, using 4.25 OFW...

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    pinkone Guest
    Yes you need the drive bored from your old drive. It's the pcb on the bottom that all of the cables are hooked into quick easy swap.

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