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    canford Guest

    PS3 no video error help?

    Hi, got a mates ps3 which has been flashed in the past and it has now got a No Video error, have managed to get it back to recovery mode,which is the best option to use, as hes not bothered about losing all his data, but would like to flash it again if possible, also don't know what firmware he was on, any help would be great thanks.

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    Vorlone Guest

    you can use MinVerChk on the PS3 (if you have a Video in the Recovery Menu) to know what a Firmware are Installed on the PS3 and than you can Update your PS3 with the same FW Version to Fix it.

    Have you test to reset the Video output of your PS3 or have you check the PS3 Video output on a HDMI and Scart/Cinch TV?

    Hope i can help you.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Agree. Try with scart cable.

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    canford Guest
    Cheers guys have tried with both cables and doing video reset, will have a look at Minverchk to see how you use it, but thank you both for taking the time to try and help.

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    Vorlone Guest
    Have you a Video Signal in the Recovery-Menu (Check Reorganisation HDD)? What a PS3 is it, a FAT (NOR or NAND) or Slim Model?

    Have you test the HDD on an PC or Mac (NOT format, only Surface-Test for BAD Blocks)?

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    canford Guest
    Wow those questions are a little above my pay grade at the moment, its a cechl001 and have not checked anything other than cables and done a reset. I have to put it in recovery mode manually and it gives us the options, don't know what video signal in recovery mode is, just learning at the mo.

    Anyone got a download link for minverchk, been looking but cannot find it.

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    HeyManHRU Guest

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    Vorlone Guest
    OK, when you see the Options in the Recovery Menu than you have an Video Signal out.

    Your PS3 have an 16 MB NOR Flash Chip (Please correct me if its not correct), so the PS3 Firmware is a part in the Flash and a part of the HDD. (NAND Flash have 256MB and the FW is only in the flash)

    If your HDD is corrupt and have Bad Blocks the PS3 tries a lot of times to read the FW. This can take a long time and you have an black Screen.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    He never mentioned any more trouble than no signal, which happens sometimes. Now his ps3 is working properly. Why you ask him all those questions, talking about hdd troubles?

    Reinstall the firmware you want, and be happy, canford

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    racer0018 Guest
    If it happens again try to reset the video settings by holding the power button for one beep which will reset the ps3 and then see if it boots up. If it doesn't then you will have to repair the file system in the recover menu. Thanks

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