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Thread: PS3 No Power, No lights at all help?

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    dfife Guest

    PS3 No Power, No lights at all help?

    I have a 60g unit that was working when I turned it off last night, I always leave it in stanby (with the red light on) when I got up the red light was off... I checked the power source-good then the cord it was good. I have another working unit so I started swaping parts.

    The PSU worked fine in the other unit. the power/eject board and ribon worked as well. I then swaped the rearpower switch assy and it was fine... So i belive my problem is somewhere on the mother board. Any help or ideas

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    severusx Guest
    It could be, maybe a surge got it. Check it for blown caps or other obvious signs of damage. Short of that, the best idea I can give you draws from my experience with PCs. Remove all sources of power (P/S, battery) and let it sit for a while. Reassemble it and then check it. If nothing then it's probably the board.

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