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Thread: ps3 news downloads not updated help?

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    Post ps3 news downloads not updated help?

    the newest content is almost 2 months old. it use to be updated daily. any ideas when it can return to it's previous ways?

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    We just got the download section ported from vB3 to vB4 last week, and finished working out many of the remaining issues with it through today. I uploaded the latest PSP Firmware to it today as well, but the reason a lot of the newer PS3 download files (from the last 2 months) are not available there is because they had to be removed per Sony legal notices.

    We will be adding new files to it soon, but it will be limited to things like official PS3 Firmware (not CFW's) and some homebrew. Emulators are OK for the moment, but apps that are used to bypass, jailbreak, run backups or linux (Gaia, MultiMAN, Rogero, FckPSN, Graf's tools, etc) are not per Sony's legal team... so those will only be available in news and forum posts using external (offsite) free file-sharing sites as we have been doing in recent weeks.

    One idea we could consider for the files we can't host here is to start a Sticky thread with external (RS/MU/etc) direct-download links to them similar to what was done for EBOOT files, but if we did it would have to be something users contribute to as sadly I don't have time to manage such a task by myself.

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