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    pool338 Guest

    PS3 Newbie questions help?

    Hello everyone. I just got a new PS3 500GB with firmware version 4.31. I already read a lot on forums, but it seems that all noob-tutorials are outdated (?).

    What I want to do ist:

    1. install custom software as emulators (for example)
    2. being able to play backups

    So can anyone post a noob-howto to get the things above working?


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    Liongooder Guest
    Whats up my friend, i think you Ps3 model is superslim.

    now to be able to get the things above working i think you have to downgrade using E3 & i don't know if your ps3 can support it or not.

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    alchybear Guest
    the problem is that is a newer slim model which is not yet compatible with downgrading devices. your best choice is to maybe trade it in at gamestop for a slim or find a used slim and use those old tutorials to hack it.

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    DaDogg414 Guest
    yeah they are outdated!!

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    matrixreaver Guest
    ....but still very much the process

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