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Thread: PS3 New Laser Problems

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    GeToChKn Guest

    PS3 New Laser Problems

    I own a shop that fixes and mods consoles. While I've learned and worked on hundreds of 360's, PS3's are starting to trickle in now. I had 2 systems come in that aren't reading. Order new laser assembly's for them. Installed them and neither system still read, doesn't spin, anything.

    Its the correct laser for both units, yet an audio cd won't even play, nevermind a game or movie. I've gotten all the clips back together properly for the drive, it takes in and ejects disc fine, just they won't even spin. I've read a bit that their is some issues with the controller chip on PS3's (like the old PS2 v9/10's and the need for the romeo mod).

    Does anyone have any experience with this or what could be causing it or a way to test if it is the controller chip? The laser units had no static solder blobs on them, so its not that, just the things won't even spin. Try swapping parts, putting the laser from the new assembly onto their old assembly, nothing seems to work.

    Thanks for any help or ideas.

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    XVISTAMAN2005 Guest
    you may need to replace the driver ic, go to they have the chip.

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    dazmo Guest


    i had the same problem a ps3 was not reading discs but when i opened it and pulled off the white plastic off were it sits into disc and put it back on the discs worked for a bit. then the problem of disc not running, but i replaced the laser which didnt have any static solder points on.. and now it works. the problem could be anything are the lazers brand new try the lazers in a working ps3 then u know the lazers are working.

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    pacific808 Guest
    I happen to be having problems with my blu-ray drive. It happened after force shutting down my ps3 while loading COD4. I ended up getting an error code 80010514. I am pretty sure I can repair it myself (sony wants 150 bucks to do it for me) if it is just a laser replacement. I was wondering what does the driver ic do? I think that is what might have gotten damaged. Is it soldered on the motherboard?

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    XVISTAMAN2005 Guest
    as far as i know, the drive ic controls the basic i/o operations for the drive.. and yes it is soldered on to the drive board so you will need a good hot air reflow station to replace it.

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    pacific808 Guest
    Hey GeToChKn,

    I got a question. Have you ever encountered ps3's with an error code 80010514? I use to get this error while trying to load a blu-ray. But now blu-ray discs don't even mount. I was wondering if you know the cause and a possible fix for this.

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    MrFloppi Guest
    Does this Laser Problem occur if u handle the ps3 wrong, like pacific808, or does this happen after the laser worked for some time?

    i mean... can i prevent my laser from getting damaged? dont feel like changing the drive of my ps3 anytime soon.

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    pacific808 Guest
    Well my problem was caused via a system crash. My ps3 suffered the most drama when my dell desktop leaped off my desk and tackled my ps3 during a earthquake but that was a year ago. My problem started about a few months ago when I force shutdown during a loading process.

    Sony said that they would fix my ps3 for 150 bucks. I hope since they are bringing down the price for the 80gb that service charges will lower as well. I am praying they do. 150 bucks is pretty much a third of a new ps3.

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