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    [UnAnswered] PS3 network trouble

    i cant log into my psn account at the same time everyday, it says playstation network timed out. it is not my internet connection as my ps3 browser works fine. it wont let me on from 5pm to 11pm and then eveything is fine, i see alot of people are having this problem but no1 knows a real answer. most people think its a ip clash. please help!

    thanks, craig

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    Quote Originally Posted by mairsy7 View Post
    it wont let me on from 5pm to 11pm and then eveything is fine
    Who is your ISP. Those look like traffic shaping times for alot of internet providers who limit bandwidth at peak hours.

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    my isp is toucan, if it is bandwidth limits is there anyway to bypass it. thanks!

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    so can do nothing then! i could fiddle around with ip add and dns and that would do nothin? pay for unlimited broadband and cant even use it when i want. why do they close the ports and stop me from logging in. i can still surf the web, why is that?

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