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    sarahantchamp Guest

    Exclamation PS3 Network Error Message 80710736 ?

    Hi Everyone - I have a PS3 and have lots of movies on my computer in avi file format mostly. Anyway i am using Nero Home Media to stream them through my ps3 to my high def plasma tv and all the movies play fine except this error "a network error has occured 80710736" keeps flashing in the top right hand side of the screen throughout movie playback every few seconds.

    The movies all play fine and I have even got blu-rays, imax and mkv files playing with no probs but its really offputting seeing this thing flash up all the way through the movies.

    It didnt happen til I upgraded my firmware software on the PS3 and I have looked at lots of forums and there are like 1 million people it seems with the same problem.

    Any helps ideas? Thanks

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    CoenNL Guest
    You are probebly using Plex to play the movies and thats were the problem is.

    Plex has a lot of bugs in it and the development of plex isn't going very fast. And the bug that is causing this problem also doesn't have any priority with the developers.

    See this post: http://forums.plexapp.com/index.php?showtopic=4668

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    mattie28 Guest
    does it make a difference if you're streaming from a PC or a mac? is it even possible to stream from a mac to PS3?

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