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    Unhappy [Answered] PS3 Network Configuration problems help?

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    Talk guys, I set my ps3 to play online via cfw ... "to give to those who can not play now send mp explain everything" bad set everything right first then came the error 80028E06 that has to do with the network misconfiguration and was unable to test the connection could go bad on the net

    Then set everything manually then came a new DNS error or a net caught .. and the psn not arise. video:

    Doubt: WHAT is wrong with this ps3 cfw or WHAT it is, the tab has nothing to psn ​​will access the right set up as psn, psn it does not appear to connect to net why not right? that will be going into File System Restore resolves the recovery menu or by switching to cfw?

    this is fairly complicated bad please someone help me I am very worried about my ps3 thanks
    Best Answer - Posted by lordv:

    Install rebug and apply latest update that has been modified with the currently correct xi pass phrase

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    But the ps3 in safe mode and then go to reset factory defaults. This will not format the hard drive so no worries. Next go in and then try to connect to psn and let us know. I worked on my 60 gig for two days and then did the reset and worked like a charm. Thanks and let me know.

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    Recovery mode

    2. Restore Default Settings

    I have cfw weird, doing this will lose everything? have a risk of brick ??
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    No it is restore default settings. You are just taking all the setting back to factory. It will not format the hard drive. It is number 2 on the list. Thanks

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    then went to recovery menu (2. Restore Default Settings) and gave the same thing and what i do now?

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    Did you install the rebug spoof on it and that all went well.

    What Cfw are you using also.
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    Not installed spoof I did not know my cfw, I was told that my cfw is published is not famous as a kmeaw so will not have anything psn tab. WHAT do I do now?

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    Install rebug and apply latest update that has been modified with the currently correct xi pass phrase


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