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Thread: PS3 network?

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    jaye1224 Guest

    PS3 network?

    I am a new PS3 user. My brother in law has the wii. I enjoyed the polls you could take and get answers from around the world from other users. Is there anything with ps3 that is like this? I played with the ps netork a bit and it seems to be like an avatar filled chat room. Are there other options in the network i am missing?

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    idone Guest
    Download "Playstation @ Home"

    it is a free download in the playstation store.

    It is far better than taking polls

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    jaye1224 Guest
    i will check it out, thanks

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    nickmok Guest
    im a new ps3 user, where i can download playstation home??


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    You have to join PlayStation Network first, then you can login via your PS3 and download it. Some useful links:

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