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    PS3 needs factory mode to remarry drive help?

    Hi, I am new, but I read a lot in forums so I don't know what I did wrong.

    I have a Flat PS3 (CECHH01) 3.55 Kmeaw CFW with a broken BluRay. So I bought a new mainboard and driver board. But cant connect the driverboard to my old Bluray the connectors are different. So I want to remarry the driverboard with the Drive and Mainboard.

    But I have to go into factory mode to do that. I have no dongle or hardware to jailbreak my ps3. So i do it with software. I install the original 3.55 then I made my 3.55 Kameaw put it on the PS3 and I have my two extra folder. I can install all pkg that I want to use like multiMan v04.04.03, Lv2 v8, and Factory service mode 0.2, fix permission.

    Everytime I start an installed "app" the screen turns black and the system hang, after 5 minutes no changes, still have a black screen, every app does the same thing, so what is wrong or do i wrong ? I need to go into Factory mode to remarry my drive.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Seeing your going to use software to get into 'Service Factory Mode', you will probably need to install a BDB CFW - Blu ray drive bypass CFW 3.55 on your PS3 first.

    I am assuming your going to use this to get into Service Factory mode.


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