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Thread: PS3 NAT help?

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    Fvcknsweet Guest

    PS3 NAT help?

    My PS3's NAT setting for the new call of duty says strict and its so bad that i cant even knife people, i've tried turning off my firewall and opening ports and i cant seem to fix the problem does anyone know what i need to do to fix this?

    Help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    severusx Guest
    Are you saying that you are experiencing bad lag during games? That doesn't have anything to do with NAT or firewall settings. Are you using the PS3 on a wired connection or wireless? If wireless check your wireless network to make sure you are getting a good signal or switch to wired setup. If you are already wired, I would check your Internet connection speed.

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    hacktek Guest
    Try turning uPnP on in your router or setting your ps3 ip as the DMZ so that all traffic gets forwarded to it.

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