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    snakemanuver Guest

    PS3 NAND Clip + E3 Flasher help?

    Hello guys, just wanted to get some feedback about an idea I came up with.

    I have a CECHA01 60GB PS3 with 4.11 OFW right now, and would like to downgrade it to 3.55. I purchased the E3 flasher not knowing it was incompatible with NAND PS3's until they released a solderless-clip. It has been months now and they still have not released one.

    I found a NAND clip which I believe is for progskeet. Would it be possible to wire this to the e3 flasher so I can finally use it?

    Please let me know what you think,

    Thank you.

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    corim123 Guest
    That doesn't look like a clip, its a NAND unit. Also I'm fairly certain you need two clips anyways as those PS3s had the NAND interleaved between two units so you have to connect to both. I have an x360clip I was sent for initial review and I was wondering if I can get another one and use that to interface with my e3 but I hadn't got my hopes up. I am curious if the current e3 can do NAND or if it will need a new version.

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    snakemanuver Guest
    I remember when it was first announced, they stated it would also be compatible with NANDs but with soldering. I have been trying to find the pictures they released of the wiring on their website but seems they've been taken down. I also emailed them and never received a reply

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