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    aaronmarsh632 Guest

    PS3 Nand backup and recovery question?


    I have an old Phat PS3 - The model which was released just after they stopped selling the model with the card reader in the UK, and its running 3.55 kmew. Its never been downgraded before, had official update to 3.55 ageeess ago when it came out then had 3.55 kmew installed when that was released.

    I would like to install the new Rogero CEX CFW found here http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-cf...ed-124536.html but it suggests creating a full nand backup before going ahead due to the number of recent bricks, which can then be flashed with a hardware flasher if anything goes wrong.

    It says I can use multiman to dump the nand but I cant seem to find anywhere in there which gives me the option. Can anyone help me out with this please?

    Also what would the best hardware flasher be to get for this, I was thinking progskeet but looks like I need the tsop-48 clip with it to remove the need for any soldering etc - i am very good at soldering etc but would rather not if I dont have to. Would this be the best hardware flasher to go for? Also is there a better way to dump my complete nand or is multiman the best way?

    All I want to know basically is, the best way to get a complete dump of my nand for recoverys, and the best hardware flasher to use in conjunction with it.


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    some utter Guest
    Run multiman , Select a file press circle, Open on hex viewer , Press selct then start then no no yes , You must have a usb pen in the ps3 , And also make sure you dump it at least four times , Compare the file to make sure its a good dump , Then keep them somewhere safe.

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