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Thread: Ps3 Movie/Tv show doesn't appear?

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    Chunky83 Guest

    Angry Ps3 Movie/Tv show doesn't appear?

    Hey guys I downloaded heros actually and it doesnt not show on my ps3 under the movie section. it is a avi format, but in recent weeks ive watched tons of shows and movies that were avi and they work fine. Some times it says it doesnt not support the file format, but this time its not even showing up like its not there anyone know why?

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    mikehands Guest

    avi error

    the file you downloaded might be corrupt check your memory or just redownload it.

    and if that dosent work just call sony support they will know what to do..

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    Chunky83 Guest


    thanks, I put it on a usb stick and it played it from there no problem, so maybe a corrupt file???

    Ill download something else just to see if that was the case!

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