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Thread: PS3 Motherboard

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    peshkohacka Guest

    PS3 Motherboard

    After attempt to rescue the PS3 that i got it turned out to be hopeless effort, seems the problem is not fixable with reflow (perhaps some chips broken). I though of buying a working motherboard, does anyone have an idea where can i find one except ebay, cause i searched for them a lot.

    Is there a special site for repairing PS3's that could potentially have sellers, or some shops that offer console repair. And one last question: how can i test the PSU and the other components to be 100% sure that they work. Since the current motherboard is not working.

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    SnoopDo2G Guest
    In which country do you live ? because i used to know a site in the US that were selling load of those but only for US.

    can't remember the site yet but i'll look in my bookmarks...

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    peshkohacka Guest
    Damn, im in BG - Eastern Europe. Thanks hope i can talk and reason with them.

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