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Thread: PS3 model number questions help?

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    sihou1 Guest

    PS3 model number questions help?

    I am gonna get a ps3 from craigslist but I don't know which ones to buy for easy jailbreaking and I won't be playing multiplayer/online on the ps3. Which model numbers and firmwares?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    to Jailbreak a PS3 you need a PS3 with 3.55 FW or lower. You cannot play online if you're PS3 is Jailbroken.

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    sihou1 Guest
    so the model number doesn't matter? but I saw some people saying that even 4.10 can be jailbroken. Those might be fake so I just want to clarify it

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    miandad Guest
    there is no jailbreak for 3.60+ yet... all you see or heard is fake.

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    sihou1 Guest
    I don't want to make a new thread, so is there any good guide for jailbreaking a PS3 and do I need to have to get something to jailbreak it or is it free?

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    elser1 Guest
    all depends on what fw your on now. you need to search for 3.55 cfw. there's a lot of guides in here. if your on 3.55 or below you can jb easy, if not you can wait till the cows come home for 4.11+ cfw or buy a flasher to downgrade.

    3.55 is the magic number

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    technodon Guest
    Slim ps3 CECH-2503B or below only supports downgrade to 3.55

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