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Thread: PS3 modding questions help?

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    frightking Guest

    PS3 modding questions help?

    Okay I am new to this PS3 modding stuff and talk about a mind numbing information over load!

    I have recently softmodded my Wii and set it all up to play from an external hard drive and now I am taking aim at a PS3. So I am purchasing an older Fat PS3 40gb (I believe the model number is CECH01) which has a toasted disc drive (that is what I am being told, it won't read any discs but still works) and the firmware version is higher then 3.55.

    All I want to do is be able to back up PS3 and PS2 games and play them directly off the hard drive. I have no concerns about being able to go online or to access the PSN or anything like that. I know that I can rip my games to the HDD via PC so I am assuming that a disc drive is not mandatory at this point.

    So I am asking what is the quickest, easiest and most inexpensive way to do this? And yes I have been looking around but the information is so freaking complex my head is going to explode... talkin about flashers, jailbreaks, downgrades custom this, custom that... wow!

    Any simple help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.

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    metzen Guest
    This is my opinion but I would suggest you buy a slim that is at 3.55 or lower. It will save you alot of $$.
    CECH-2001A is your safe bet.

    If you choose to downgrade with whichever model you get I would advise you to check in the marketplace section depending on where you live and get it downgraded from one of our reputable members.

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    racer0018 Guest
    If you don't get a dump while downgraded and the dump isn't a good one you system will be lost forever. There is information in that dump that the system needs and if it doesn't have it and you write it back to the system there is no saving it.

    The clips are not 100%. Also if the system isn't taken apart correct you can get ylod. I have a system for sale it is cheap however it isn't a slim. Thanks.

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