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Thread: Ps3 Mod?

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    Andread Guest

    Ps3 Mod?

    can ps3 be modded? and whats the price for a 40/60/80gb mod ps3? do i need to buy a hdmi cable too? then if buy everything plus a dualshock3 controller how much will it be?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    There is only the Infectus Mod available for the PS3 at this time, which allows you to backup and restore the Firmware. It does not allow you to run backup games, etc yet though. Check Infectus.biz for more info on it, including resellers and so on.

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    triforcesnake Guest
    i think it's still not worth it, at least until you can load backup games and stuff.

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    birdy9 Guest
    has sony released any bios updates the someone was able to hack or mod? i heard that if they did release an update that it would make mods on the ps3 a piece of cake after it was hacked.

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    Apr 2005
    PS3 Firmware updates are frequent, but none are able to be hacked or allow PS3 Mods yet.

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    xpvtlag Guest
    i dont really like modded ps3's.. or anything, even with backup, because why dont just play the games? u dont have to back them up or anything.. sorry if i hurt ur feelings, lol

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    drewficket Guest

    when modding is best

    modded systems are usually only good at the end of the systems life cycle. for example right now modded ps2 are great. the reason is that sony isn't investing anything in stopping mods for ps2 anymore so your investment will be future proof. right now trying to get a modded ps2 as with the wii isnt a very bright idea imo

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    snazzychazzy Guest
    I have a test ps3 and I'm noticing that there is a launcher for it. Unfortunately I'm new to ps3news, and hoping that once I post enough, I'll be able to get a link to download it. Driving me crazy!! Anybody know if this effort is completely futile?

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    Apr 2005
    Nice on the TEST PS3 snazzychazzy, but it wasn't released so you wouldn't be able to download it regardless if you have 10 or 1000 posts. If you are a DEV (can code on your TEST PS3), you may want to contact CJPC on IRC EFnet #ps3news to get an invite into the private PS3 Dev channel though.

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    snazzychazzy Guest
    I'm following some of the discussions, or rather the ones that I am allowed to read as a n00b, and it all seems a little over my head still. I guess the natural follow up question is what good is a test ps3 to me if I CAN'T code or if the launcher is NOT going to be released? I'd love to be a part of the Dev team and get up to speed, otherwise it would seem that my test ps3 is better off in someone else's hands. Does it read burned ps3 games by default? Hrmmmm.....

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