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Thread: Ps3 Mod?

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    Apr 2005
    Ya, unless you're a Dev who can code and have access to the required (c) Sony $DK files, required (c) Sony PS3 compiler, and know how to use them (the most important part) a TEST/Debug PS3 is not of any "special" use, and honestly a retail unit is better since it can also play Blu-ray movies.

    That is why I myself haven't got a PS3 TEST/Debug console... however, if you have one you do have "bragging rights" or can sell it on E-Bay for over $2000 probably.

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    snazzychazzy Guest
    Only problem with that is the second I sell the test unit on ebay I'll come to ps3news to find that CJPC has released the launcher for the good of all ps3 test unit owning humanity... hrrrmmmm looks like I have some thinking to do. I mean, why else would someone buy a test system for over 2 grand?

    Is it really just bragging rights once it's exploited? Is CJPC or anyone else for that matter planning on releasing publicly for development? The only reason I have one is that a friend got two. He has NO clue what they do and he came to me wondering if I could make it "dance" for him. And now we arrive at why I'm here...

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    Apr 2005
    Ya, to my knowledge CJPC has no plans to publically release the launchers he did for his PS3 Debug/TEST console because few people could even run them since most of us only have a PS3 Retail console.

    Additionally, even IF he released them and someone like you (who has a Debug/TEST console) wanted to use it, you couldn't without a LOT of additional help and patch files from CJPC for each game. The PS3 and SD launchers do not just "work" on Debug/TEST consoles with raw PS3 back-ups, you still must extract and patch the games and jump through a bunch of hoops to get each running... so no, it's definitely NOT "end-user" friendly at all.

    Unless you have the Sony tools, can code your own patches, invest time troubleshooting why some games work and some don't, and know what needs to be altered to get them working (or debugging where they are hanging, and re-patching) it just isn't worth the time and effort in my opinion.

    The majority of people who are buying the PS3 Debug/TEST consoles from this site are resident PS3 Devs who have the necessary tools and skills to do all of the above, however, most others are either collectors (who wouldn't use it for trying to hack the PS3) or just kids who lack both the tools and skills but want the bragging rights.

    Needless to say, if we succeed in the "Debug FW on Retail PS3" project, the market for Debug/TEST consoles will drop below what a retail unit sells for since they can't even run Blu-ray discs.

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