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Thread: PS3 messing up my TV?

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    brownrt Guest

    Question PS3 messing up my TV?

    So I think my ps3 is having the Magnet effect on my tube tele. I have read that some Xbox 360 users have had this issue when they place their units next to their tv's and i read on a case mod forum, some guy commented on how strong the magnet inside his ps3 was at an inch or so away from the magnet.

    My ps3 is sitting in a cabnet about 6 inches under my television and i notice a green oval in the top right center of my tv from time to time, i have no other major electrical components around the tv.

    Has anyone else experienced this with their ps3's? I believe only tube television users need reply but then again i have never placed a magnet near a plasma tv.

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    Starlight Guest

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    It shouldn't as if any place the discoloration on your screen should be on the bottom part of the screen, most crt tvs has a built in deguazer as to when the tv is turn on it is suppose to deguaze the screen, also if you move the tv around at all it can cause this as the earth's magnetic field will do this.

    Happens to my moms tv alot as she has it on a swivel base and when she turn the tv a bit around she gets a green patch in the top left corner, next time you see this oval patch show up turn the tv off for about 30 seconds and then turn it back on to see if the color patch is gone.

    Also if your tv sits along a wall with a few outlets by it can also cause this but is not as common a problem but i have seen that happen and the person had to move his tv to another area in the living room.

    Also if your tv is equipped with the degauze feature it might be starting to get weak in that area of the tube just above as a line runs right around the outer edge of the tube with a small gadget put at eack corner of the tube to degauze the tube, one of those little units may not be working properly anymore, this only applies it your tv is equipped with the degauze feature.

    Also make sure no speakers are close to your tv unless they are magnetically sheilded.

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    airwalk987 Guest
    I've had the same problem.. for me it was my old dvd which was the cause when i moved it down away from the TV everything came back to normal .. hope this helped.

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