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    mtx11 Guest

    Question ps3 media sever question

    I have my ps3 down stairs on my tv. i also have a tv up stairs is there a way to play a dvd in the ps3 down stairs but have it on my upstairs tv thru a computer or wireless media sever like.

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    raflman Guest
    Afaik, the ps3 does not have any function to remotely play a dvd through a network. Though you could buy a media server and through that play your movies and stuff on the tv upstairs

    Edit: I should add that I don't think that there is a media server that can play dvd's, you might have to rip them to your pc first.

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    Xufarr Guest
    You should just run a cable from upstairs to your PS3 system, so you can just connect it to your TV for DVD.

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    JackJD Guest

    Media server question

    Is there any way to transfer over cat 5 or even internet connection?

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    wuscht Guest


    You can use something like Tversity to store your videos some where else than the PS3.

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