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    Red Face PS3 Media Server Help Guide?

    Can i get some help on how to setup ps3 media server so i can get to watch avi and mkv stored on my computer with their respective subtitles?

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    you can try this install the codec pack

    I use this. what it will do is called transcoding, transcoding requires a good computer speed. I have not tested with MKV.

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    correct, if you are using the app ps3 media server on your pc you then have to download a codec pack.

    your best bet, easiest to configure is "ace mega codec pack," unzip it, & install with the defaults...

    then with your files you add the folder to the media server file list, i believe in order to get subtittles to work, they have to be the same name (ie, Avatar.mkv, Also i dont think sub's work out of the box, but there is a setting oin the config tab? i think of the media server to setup subs.

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    Yes i was refering to the app ps3mediaserver. I have codec packs installed no worries.

    I was only asking what is need furthermore in PC and PS3 respectively.

    So on the PC file I only need to set the folder with the files? I am not asked to do anything further?

    And on the PS3 side? Do i need to take any actions? So far i am connected to any network from my PS3. Besides hooking up the ethernet cable, do i need to set anything else on the PS3 XMB for this to work?

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    On the PC side all you have to do is set up the folders you want shared, and double check that the Subtitle file (usually .srt or .ass) has the exact same file name as the video, like previously stated.

    On the PS3 side all you have to do is navigate through the shared folders and play a file.

    PS3 Media Server does work with .MKV files also, if you didn't already know. If the file has seperate audio streams you can choose which one you want by going through the #TRANSCODE# folder.

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    Yep i aware of all this, i'm just asking if i neeed to set any tcp/ip for the ps3 and network stuff like that. If not, and all you said is what's needed, then guess it should be pretty easy. I'll give it a try and see what's happening.

    Ok seriously, i set the folders to share, i hook the ethernet cable and select search for media servers, and then it comes up with nothing.

    No media servers were found is what the message says.

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