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Thread: PS3 Media Server and FTP help?

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    darthsnake Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by barrybarryk View Post
    ok then don't listen, you must have that magic new wifi that doesn't drop packets, keep trying..
    i am listening but just adding in what i think the problem is..
    Quote Originally Posted by natepig View Post
    I would suggest giving your Pc and Ps3 fixed ip addresses and then forwarding ports on your router, this should solve your dlna errors. As others have said using wireless is not ideal, but once you have a stable connection between your pc and ps3, just copy anything you want to the ps3's hdd. A full 1080p movie takes between 30mins to an hour, to transfer wireless, but copying is the best way unless you have gigabit ethernet.
    my pc and ps3 have an ip adress in the same range like


    should that be fine? the problem is that even an mp3 doesn't start running,i am having to copy them and for movies they take a bit to start

    Quote Originally Posted by costocart View Post
    If your ps3 and pc is near to each other why don't you try to connect them both directly using ethernet cable (crossover if you have old pc) without using the router. This config works when im transferring files using FTP. Media server... i haven't test it yet.

    For the media server issue, try using windows media player and see whether the problem still persist. If yes then try asking in the media server forum.
    my ps3 isn't close to my router or my pc so no good. i used wmp only at first, i was not able to play anything, then i tried ps3mediaserver.

    i am able to transfer files but have some problem in transfering them.

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    Natepig Guest
    You need to manually set the ip addresses of both your ps3 and pc, this is called fixed ip addresses. Then you need to forward the port 5001 to your ps3 and pc. It can be a bit of a pain if you've never done it before, but once done you will have a stable connection between the two. If you google "how to set fixed ip addresses" and "port forwarding for ps3mediaserver", plus have time and patience, it will solve your problem.

    You will never get smooth playback of 1080p content wirelessly though, you will need to copy to the ps3 first then watch. If they are mkv's you can use mkv2vob to convert them to a format accepted by the ps3

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    barrybarryk Guest
    maually setting the ips wont help! the problem is your wifi link is dropping packets so the transmissions are arriving garbled, thats why you have to try copying a few times to get it to work

    either your pc is too far away from the router or the ps3 is or there's interference, either way you need to switch to ethernet or move some things around

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    Natepig Guest
    You sound like you know what your talking about. From my experience fixed ip addresses are essential for stability between pc and ps3, and for port forwarding, but I have been hard wired for years so you must be right.

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    darthsnake Guest
    there is no firewall in my router so is forwarding ports required? anyways i figured out the problem..

    my router's first lan port was faulty which was connected to my PC, so there were data problems.

    i replaced my router and 720p mkv2vob converted file is smoothly working on WMP media server, not tried 1080p.

    when i tried to use PS3mediaserver and try to run 720p MKV, it needed a lot of buffering time. is this a problem with my pc or just standard mkv file problem, note that my PC is old.

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    Natepig Guest
    Ps3 does not support mkv's, so ps3mediaserver has to transcode them as they are being streamed, hence the buffering. If you use mkv2vob you can convert mkv's to a format natively accepted by your ps3 and eliminate the need for transcoding on the fly.

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    darthsnake Guest
    i know that but is this a bandwidth issue or my PC unable to transcode it faster?

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    barrybarryk Guest
    since the converted file ran ok it sounds like a transcoding issue, normally its the processor doing it instead of the GPU but it depends on your setup. either way not enough grunt.

    If you have lots of mkv's you should just convert them unless you need the multiple audio streams or multiple subtitle languages, thats the only reason you should be using them anyway.

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