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Thread: PS3 lv2diag.self mistake help?

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    zacatrophic Guest

    PS3 lv2diag.self mistake help?

    Hey there everyone, I have a CECHA01 ps3 that is currently not staying on long enough to be booted into recovery and is not recognizing Lv2diags to get out of factory service mode.

    The story: I am on 3.55 Kmeaw and I used a guide to install the package for factory service mode. Well I tried to remarry my control board and motherboard with no luck (it just gave me a pass but shut off immediately after), I used this ( as a guide.

    As I tried to exit factory service mode I wiped my usb and just put in a Lv2diag.self, but I mixed up the exit one with the one from the remarry guide. I turned on my ps3 with the wrong Lv2diag.self and it just kept blinking green for a long time. Then I realized my mistake and turned my ps3 off by the switch on the back. I put the right Lv2diag.self on the drive to exit factory service mode, but now it will not work.

    What happens: The ps3 will turn on with a green light for about 15 seconds (no blinking, just a solid green light) and then just go red (again no blinking, just solid red). Around the 10th second the usb drive turns on and then off instantly and I am unable to get it into recovery. There is no video or beeping (except a boot) at all while this happens.

    I was just wondering if anyone knew what was going on and how to fix it. I truly appreciate any help at all!

    Solved, I finally got it into recovery and put a new firmware on

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    CJPC Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by zacatrophic View Post
    Solved, I finally got it into recovery and put a new firmware on
    Glad to hear you got it fixed - just going to highlight this and mark it as answered! I can't mark your orignal post as answered, hense the sentence explaining my post!

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