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Thread: PS3 lost display after flashing patched dump help?

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    ssali Guest
    hallo, i have worked on many ps3s but this is my first 2 bricks, i have 2 consoles that stopped working.

    but i'm trying to use the FSM method and i have e3 card reader to help with the process. i have valid dumps and i have patched with Rogero's PS3 Nor Dump Patcher v0.01 and write back but the console still has no display.

    can anyone help me to get back this console to life. she goes on but no display even with original bios still no display.. and i think the dongle only works when all parts are active including display.

    anybody with any idea on how i can get the display back? i also have another one that just goes red immediately after putting it on, it beeps twice and then off and the light also turns yellow before red.
    so any who has any idea on how i can deal with these 2!

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    hishamage Guest
    if the ps3 is bricked then you will need to solder it with a flasher

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    Xufar Guest
    You have probably switched the two dumps of the playstations and flashed the wrong one if the safe menu also does not work. This will lead to a kind of GLOD, where the PS3 stays on and green but does not output any display.

    At least worth a shot. And if you downgrade more playstations, try to save every dump with the serial number of each playstation so you can keep them apart (at least, that's what I do). Good luck and let me know the result.

    And for the YLOD one, there probably has been a problem during flashing. In the future, always check the E3 log on your computer before turning the playstation off. That way you still have the ability to reflash. For this one, the tristate has to be soldered to the ground, then be reflashed, and then you can remove the wire.

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    ssali Guest
    i have a linker and the flasher, i just dont have a clip, instead i use linker

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    Xufar Guest
    That does not make a difference, the solutions still stand.

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