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    douglie007 Guest

    PS3 locks up when trying to read External HDD help?

    I am new on the PS3 hack scene, and I just found a 3.01 Demonstration 40GB PS3, got it to OFW 3.55 and then REBUG 4.46, now I backed up one game to my internal drive and it works ( but the drive is full) and then I added a 2.5 TB External drive made 500GB FAT 32, made the partition a primary one and added 4 games to the GAMES folder.

    I can see the HDD as USB Device (Port 006) and can get into it on the file explorer but if I try to open the games folder the window closes MultiMan doesnt see any of the games on under games and if I try and browwse device under Retro it locks up the system... what am I missing ? is there some setting in to Rebug tool box I need to change or what ?

    more info If I go to the GAMES properties in the file manager it says size: 0.00 GB and says Directories 4 Files :0 but on the PC it sees all of them... well I reformatted the drive now with guiformat and I can at least move Katamari over to the external one... will let myself know on this forum post if I got it

    update to self Katamari played will try adding other games and some retrogames... the retroarch gives an error 80010017 but I can boot some in multiman.

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    niwakun Guest
    repartition your HDD and make a 1.99TB Fat32 active primary partition. the rest of the space can be created and use for other things but PS3 will not recognize it.

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