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Thread: PS3 Locking Up at Login help?

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    jinx10000 Guest

    PS3 Locking Up at Login help?

    I had just started playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood using Hermes v4b and Gaia. The PS3 locked up.

    Now everytime I boot, jailbroken or not the PS3 locks up almost immediately after I select the user.

    I have tried. Rebooting. Removing cables. I unplugged my router and it didn't reboot. However, all icons under game just sat and spun for several minutes and never resolved into icons.

    I tried reflashing the PS3 to 3.41 and now it locks up after login whether my router is plugged in or not.

    Any ideas?

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    Natepig Guest
    I had this problem before with assasins creed brotherhood. If this is the same thing it is because you may have tried to play the game without a disc in the drive. When you exit the game the xmb tries to bring up the disc icon for some reason then crashes and locks the ps3 in a startup/lockup cycle. If you enter the recovery menu, restore the ps3 from there. If I remember rightly though, you may have to format the hdd to cure this.

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    jinx10000 Guest
    Soft reset didn't fix it. Hard reset fixed it. However, I lost all of my saves... It's not too bad, its a pretty new system.

    I will know to do frequent backups in the future.

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