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Thread: PS3 Linux only solution help?

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    mrlepus Guest

    PS3 Linux only solution help?

    Hi All,

    Yes I'm new to this, yes I may well ask some stupid questions. Sorry!

    I need to install Linux on some PS3 fats; I don't mind if I lose access to GameOS as these machines will be used as part of an educational project only; I don't even care if the BD drives don't work - all I need is the ability to run Linux with USB and Ethernet operating correctly. There seem to be loads of different options but I'm struggling to find a clear cut solution; could somebody please give me some pointers?

    Thanks; it looks like you've got a really good community going on here and I look forward to being a part of it.


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    B4rtj4h Guest
    First of all. What firmware do you have?

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Second, why the hell use a ps3 for a linux only purpose? Educational? An old cheap pc is way better for educational purposes

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    mrlepus Guest

    Thanks for the responses. Firmware unknown currently, as the machines are still in transit.

    As for Bartholomy's reasonable question: it's the Cell architecture that's important; Linux just facilitates the wider goal.

    All the best,


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    mgkmgk Guest
    The offical Linux release for PS3 is Yellow Dog linux - this can be installed on the OtherOS option only on FATS with FW 3.15 or below (if your ps3s have been used by gamers it is very unlikely that they will still be on 3.15 or below).

    So if not you need to check out the hacker versions of Linux - you will find info on this board - one was certainly called AsbestOS (spelling). To install these you will need a custom firmware - so you will need orignal firmware 3.55 or lower on the PS3.

    If your firmware is higher you will need to get a downgrade flasher (again lots of info around the board) - I *think* you could then downgrade to 3.15 and install the official YDL 6.2 release or you could go for the hacked LInux - which again I *think* allows better access and use of the cell - the YDL option is crippled by design for somethings.

    I am an extreme novice at this so take all above with a pinch of salt just in case I have it wrong

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    CJPC Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by mgkmgk View Post
    I am an extreme novice at this so take all above with a pinch of salt just in case I have it wrong
    Nope - what you said is accurate, it really does depend on the PS3's firmware version, and ultimate end-goal for mrlepus.

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    mrlepus Guest
    Thanks again for your responses. I have been aware of YDL for quite some time (and, indeed, of its sad demise), however I will be using Fedora for PPC (at least 8, if not later). Access to RSX (the only significant limitation imposed by the original OtherOS, if I remember rightly), BD, or even a GUI isn't required; all I'll need is SSH access and full support for the USB.

    The delay in the Ethernet response times caused by the GameOS hypervisor won't cause a significant issue either, although Ethernet will still be required. If I can retrieve OtherOS - preferably in its original form - by installing v3.15 or similar then I'll have all I need.

    Is there an upper limit to the PS3 firmware version that I'm going to be able to recover OtherOS functionality from? There seems to be a difference of opinion as to whether the most recent version that can be downgraded is 3.55 or as recent as 4.x.

    My aim is to downgrade each machine with as little effort as possible. By-the-by, if I get it working I will be offering good - but not excessive - money for PS3 fats with broken BDs and the like.

    Again, thanks very much for your replies!


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    mrlepus Guest
    Am I to assume from the sudden wall of silence that it's going to be more complicated than I'd hoped?

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Someone answer you yet, mrlepus. 3.55 at best, or you will need to downgrade in a complicate expensive way. Then QA flag, then 3.15 and install Linux.

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