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Thread: PS3 Linux necessary or no?

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    nostrebluc Guest

    PS3 Linux necessary or no?

    hi, i just came across this site today while delving head on into the world of ps3 modding. I am very very anxious to learn from anyone in here that might give me direction and insight as i wish to become a contributing non vegetative member of this site.

    My question, while i fear it might make some roll their eyes to my inexperience in this area is this: Do i have to have Linux OS on my cpu in order to mod and "back up" items from my ps3? Any feedback and answers wouldbe appreciated.


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    Drakhen Guest
    if you are looking to just run backups then you don't need linux installed on your box at all, providing that you are planning on jailbreaking the system.

    very few people run linux on there machine and a lot less now that sony has removed that function.

    As far as jailbreaking goes there is a wealth of knowledge to be had on these forums...

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