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    XBINX Cyro Guest

    PS3 Linux on CFW 3.55 help?

    Does anyone have a good guide to install linux on my ps3? I have rogero 3.55 cfw 4.11 spoof. I have installed bootOS and level2 patcher and when i install linux there is no DEBIAN os Entry, Only the install entry is listed.

    I also did some more research finding that i should delete kboot.cfg and it should work, still no option to boot. Also all of gitbrew's links are dead so if anyone can get a package up that would be awesome.

    Also I was wondering if anyone knew if psp games were launchable via cfw 3.55 without a dongle. replies are a help.

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    TitanTX Guest
    PSP games aren't available only with the USB dongle sorry to burst your bubble. Try and have a look at this. Hope this helps, its probably the spoof acting up, try removing the spoof and see if it works. Just an idea.

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    rodq Guest
    Follow this guide: ps3devwiki.com/wiki/OtherOS%2B%2B

    Most links are dead, but you will find required files with a little searching.

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    Apr 2005


    We have a few Linux and OtherOS++ tutorials in the guides section and a bunch in past news articles, here are a few links to them:


    There is pagination at the bottom to go through the results, etc.

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    XBINX Cyro Guest
    Thank you for your help! I have managed to install rebug 4.30 and I am loving it. now to get linux installed!

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    How & what can i install on my ps3 instead of having this old & slow javascript??

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