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    Registered User xtrem's Avatar
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    [UnAnswered] PS3 Light Mods?

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    Anyone started modding their PS3 yet?

    Would be nice to add some lights. Where in the PS3 can we get 12V?

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    um, your probably gonna want a 3.3v or 5v supply to power leds (w/ some resistors to control current to them). And if you were really interested in adding lights, you'd open the PS3 and start measuring voltages, looking for some voltage regulators.

    ... if you really want lights that bad, you can power some from your usb ports w/o even opening your PS3..lol

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    Of course I want CC and then I need 12V.

    USB only give 5V and 0.2A if I'm not mistaken

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    you could use 5v easily. Basic ohms law... E = I x R.

    if you wanted to use 10ma:
    5 = 0.010 x R
    R = 500 ohms

    if you wanted to use 15ma:
    5 = 0.015 x R
    R = 333 ohms

    .. ect. Using the USB ports wouldn't really be ideal, since i doubt you want stuff hanging off the ports.. it was more of a joke. If you really wanted to add LEDs to your PS3, and you have basic electronics skills, it would be really easy to just open the PS3 up look for some IC's, voltage regulators, ect and measure the voltage. Figure out the resistors needed using ohms law, and do your mod.

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    I asked because I wanted to know if anyone already opened a PS3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtrem View Post
    I asked because I wanted to know if anyone already opened a PS3
    They are right on this site- search the past news! -Staff


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