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    zaror1992 Guest

    Question PS3 Lens Problem?

    today i was playing resistance 2 at oryk, california part. when you should fall into the water i left my controler idle because i have something to do (30 secons) then i grab the controller and the game was freezed. i just hold the power button for 3 sec and the PS3 should power off but i waited 15 secs but nothing happened so i just hold it for more secs then it shut down i power it on played Age of Boty demo then shutted it down.

    Now 5 hours later i wanted to play resistance 2 but the game doesnt appear in the XMB ihave tryed with other games but the same thing happens the "icon" in the upper corner stills loading with any disc i put and i have waited too long to see the game appear. What should I do?

    btw im from Chile, South America and i have a US 80gb console the one that came with motorstorm.

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    idone Guest
    I would buy a new laser if you dont have a warranty.

    It would appear that is your problem.

    when you insert a disc then eject it is it still facing the same way as when you put it in? (the label that is)

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    kurps Guest
    I had this problem, I contacted sony and they sent me a new PS3, I'd suggest you do the same.

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    DeluxXe Guest
    Is it true that the 80Go Ps3 have more trouble than the 60Go?

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    zaror1992 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by idone View Post
    when you insert a disc then eject it is it still facing the same way as when you put it in? (the label that is)
    yes the label is in the same way so the disc doenst spin... it may be the spinning mechanism and the laser could be in good shape??

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    Maniac2k Guest
    I had this problem a few month ago. It took nearly 2 months to get a replacement unit.

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    zaror1992 Guest
    thanks for the answers, im going to sell my old ps2 to pay the service. i wont be able to use my "homebrew" then.

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