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    the7 Guest

    PS3 Lego LOTR trophy fix help?

    Guys and girls. Lego lotr I honestly think that the internet has no fix for this game.

    What other games out there have a problem working on rebug.. 3.55

    All games are backups from disc

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    BlackStallion Guest
    are you not getting any trophies when you should be?

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    the7 Guest
    No its loading the game and after it boots it loads trophy then boom black screen... so I fixed the eboot but after it loads the trophys nothing

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    BlackStallion Guest
    hmmm.. i'm not familiar with loading games off the HDD...

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    If you hit a black screen it can be many things, by the way you know you must edit the sfo too ? Ever thought about upgrading to REX or Rogero ? My fix you problem and no more patching , downgrading can be don via the 9999 downgrader if you wish there is no reason staying on 3.55 anymore.

    PS: I heard some lego games are problematic regardless the CFW

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    the7 Guest
    Sadly i've no idea way cfengine I'm running:

    System info : 4.31 v2.1
    Multiman : 3.55

    Dongle inserted.. And when system starts it says debug... I'm lost.. no idea where to turn to find out how to downgrade.. any help would be great.

    I meant to say cfw. And rebug...

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    So your CFW seems to be badly outdated. You should really get a new CFW. To be on the save side first apply QA flag pls (You can find the QA flag pkg's on ps3news), pls check if you QA Flag worked !! Before doing anything !

    Than go to Rescue menu, by keeping your finger on the PS's power button till it beeps 3 times and install you CFW of choice from USB stick , I'd recommend to pick a updated one like REX or so.

    PS: Why do you still use a dongle they are outdated as hell ?

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