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    PS3 Square Button [Answered] PS3 Launch Titles crap?

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    Of the first 30 titles unofficaly proposed for PS3 launch, I would only pay money for 2 of them. MGS4 and Killzone 2, and of those I would wait for Killzone 2.


    I just think the list is crap, and that they could have done alot better. But then again, I guess if the market is flooded with consoles while their still selling at a loss then their wont be much profit on hardware further down the road. Which is why games like GT5 and RE5 wont be launch titles.
    Best Answer - Posted by WOWchamp:

    Even the games that are still "launch titles" wont be available on the 17th.

    Listed as available on the EB website:

    Madden 07
    Mavel Ultimate Alliance
    Ridge racer 7
    Mobile Suite Gundam
    Tiger Woods 07
    NBA 07
    Sonic The Hedgehog
    NBA 2K7
    NHL 2K7
    Untold Legends 11/15/06

    Listed for sale after launch but before 2007

    Need For Speed Carbon 11/20/06
    Blazing Angels 12/12/06
    Fight Night Rounds 3 12/12/06
    Full Auto 2 12/12/06

    Everything else will be an 07 title according to EBgames.com

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    I think theres like about 7 games that are on that list that looked good. I didnt think they were releasing Vision GT, i thought that was just a demo. This list might be bogus as i thought mgs 4 wouldnt be ready for a launch title.

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    I hope very much so, as I would only play 2 of the 30.

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    dmc4 ,the gateway , hevently sword, motor strorm ,killzone and vision gt those i have seen on trailers.i have no info on other games r and when ps3 will come to me i will try rest of the games...

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    That looks like a far better launch linup than the 360 had, or will have in the next 6 months for that matter.

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    wow, no sports games... Only one that interests me is Fight Night. But even that can wait. I probably won't get a PS3 till the next Smackdown comes out.

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    id think madden, nfs and someother EA games were going to be launch titles...... again i think that list is bogus as MGS 4 is listed as 2007 launch and most those games were said to be not at launch at E3

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    yeah seems a bit early to have the launch titles squared in.

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    Yea, you cant always believe everything you find out in the big ole WWW

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    there is no way KillZone or MGS4 will launch with system.


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