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    final fantasy XII and versus for me!!!

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    I pre-ordered Untold Legends for PS3... it's not on the list in the first post, but it was one of the choices I was offered when pre-ordering- looks cool!

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    To actually provide something of interest: I think that Resistance: Fall of Man, Genji 2, Fatal Inertia and Tony Hawk's Project 8 are probably going to be pretty good titles.

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    i should have kept the list they gave me when i preordered mine. i think it was an attachment to the email sony sent the company of the games that would be available in the next couple of months, but that list that somebody posted seems more accurate. seeing as how i have bills and rent to pay, i just put money down on resistance for now. there were sports games coming for launch (i saw that somebody was concerned with that). The launch games weren't spectacular, but with MGS4 coming before christmas, i don't really care

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    The reason so many people think the launch titles are crap is because they have no idea what most of them are. I'm not sure what I'm gonna end up getting, but as soon as I read up on all of them in between now and when I get my PS3 I'll have some sort of decision I'm sure.

    Also I'm sure it's already been said, but that list is inaccurate, I was given a list of games that I could preorder on the PS3 at the EB games and a lot of the main launch titles aren't coming out for a month or two.

    I can say Oblivion is a sure thing, and plenty of the others have a lot of potential, but as I said I wanna look into it more before I make a decision. I'm sort of sad I didn't keep the launch title sheet and scan it or something.

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    Resistance and Motorstorm for me please...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WOWchamp View Post
    I hope very much so, as I would only play 2 of the 30.
    hey guys my friend works for sony and he has a playstation3 to test thats like sooooo cool

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    I love the launch titles and the soon to be released titles for the PS3..they seem alot better thatn the crap the 360 had at launch or fr that followed after.

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    hi guys i recently pre-ordered a ps3 with 3 games in a bundle, and one of the games was singstar!!!! how ridiculous is that

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    i agree about the launch titles.. lacks abt of a punch.. i probably will wait till the price drops or some killer app comes out for it..

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