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    jrccomputer Guest

    PS3 laser testing help?

    Can I use a Blu-Ray Movie instead of a PS3 game to test my PS3 laser???

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    G Sus Guest
    i suppose if it plays the movie its working but still wouldnt mean it isnt faulty. (not much help)

    but why ask, why not just try it.

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    jrccomputer Guest
    I was asking cause I don't own any blu-rays and would need to buy one. What do you mean "but still wouldnt mean it isnt faulty"??

    Could you send me a Blu-Ray I mean I would only cost you a Stamp. Just find a terrible game or movie and send it to me????

  4. #4
    G Sus Guest
    even if it plays the bluray movie, it could have a week laser and possibly not play games very well. and sorry but i don't own any bluraymovies, i hire them, local blockbusters

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    jrccomputer Guest
    Man I'm such a noob. I have a gamefly member ship for Xbox 360 games. I can use that for PS3.

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