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    Confused PS3 Laser / Reading problem help?


    I've got a problem with my ps3. The problem is that it isn't reading discs anymore. As you can see on the enclosed picture, the ps3 is switched on, de disc is spinning and the laser is doing its job. Also the motor for the laser works. Works smoothly. Only it keeps spinning for a minute, then stops and nothing to play in my menu.

    If i put in a DVD. Same story only then with the red laser instead of the blue one. I really doesn't know what to do or what the problem is. i'm on the latest firmware 4.11 and out of warranty. I was hoping someone over here could help me out?

    Many thanks,


    p.s. excuse me for my english

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    YOU sir, are screwed just like I was. I had a slim 120gb for three months and it happened to me but you can get a replacement blu ray lens.

    Youtube video: (How to do it)

    A few more:

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    You could try re-installing firmware 4.11 from the recovery menu. If the installation goes smoothly and nothing is still being read you can't definitely say the laser must be replaced.

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