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Thread: PS3 laser plays Blu-ray and DVD Movies, no games help?

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    iwanttodirect Guest

    PS3 laser plays Blu-ray and DVD Movies, no games help?

    I just put in a new bluray laser, replacing a faulty one on a ps3 slim. I replace the whole mechanism KEM 450AAA. The ps3 will now play DVDs and Blue-ray movies with no problem at all.

    I have tried several of each and they work without hesitation. However ps3 games will not work. I managed to get one game to work after repeatedly loading it again and again, but after removing it once and reinserting it, it no longer works.

    What it does:
    When you load the game it spins for about 10 seconds then the drive makes a sound like it is ejecting the disk, but it doesn't, It then spend for another 10 seconds then stops "The spinning clock on the menu, also stops at this time".

    What I've tried:
    I have installed the assembly completely and reinstalled it. (No change).
    I have checked all the connections. (No change).
    I have went into the recovery menu and reset the file system, the playstation, and attempted to repair the file system. (first time it said there was a file system error, but nothing now, and no change).

    Any suggestions. I would say that its a faulty assembly, but it plays Bluray movies perfectly.

    PS3 slim
    firmware 4.11

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    racer0018 Guest
    This is an easy answer. You need to remarry the ps3 to that Blu-ray drive. What is the slim you are using, 120, 250, 160, 320 and so on. Also did you keep your old control board from the bad Blu ray? If you did this would make remarrying them alot easier. If not the only way that I have seen yet is to be on 3.55 and lower.

    See you can't just go out and get a new drive and stick it in. They are paired to one another the control board on the Blu-ray and the motherboard. That is why I asked what is the ps3.

    If you have the control board you might be able to get away with changing the the control boards And keeping your old one in the new drive. I know this is what is wrong because they will play DVDs and music but no games. Thanks

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    mrlowalowa Guest
    The easiest thing is if you change just the lenses. They are the cheapest parts and easily to change

    I have to say the slim is a bit harder than the fat's but normally it's easier just to change the lenses instead of changing the boards or wire the Key Chips out or so!

    And of course.. it's cheaper


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    racer0018 Guest
    Yes just take apart the ps3 and replace to lens inside and you will be good to go. Let us know if you have any questions.

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