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    rayden54 Guest

    PS3 Laser appears to be faulty help?

    I purchased a new KES-400AAA laser after my PS3 (20GB model) stopped spinning discs. I installed the new laser and inserted a disc. It appeared to work, but less than 10 minutes later when I hooked it up to my tv it wouldn't spin the disc.

    Now, I just tested the new laser, and I know it's toast. Do you think I got a faulty laser? Or do you think there's something else wrong that fried the new laser?

    Right now I don't know if I should try purchasing a new laser or if I should send it in to Sony to replace/repair. The one I have is backwards compatible, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get the same type back.

    However, I've already spend $50-$60 on the replacement laser and I'm not any closer to being able to play games.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    if the drive isn't spinning discs it's not the laser at fault.

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    SinnerShanky Guest
    its the gears below that spin the disc.. Try to check what the problem is with the upper flap of the ps3 open so you can see what actually is the problem...

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    barrybarryk Guest
    or more likely the drive motor but if you unscrew the top of the drive casing after you insert a disc you can lift the top off and check if the lens tries to calibrate without the disc spinning.

    If the lens does try to read the disc its more likely a mechanical fault normally a burnt out motor but if the lens doesn't even attempt to read the disc it's more severe and could be a bad logic board (no know fix as far as I'm aware as they're tied to each console).

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    rayden54 Guest
    Replacing the laser fixed it for about 5 minutes. All I want to know is if there's something that could kill the laser.

    There's a ton of guides/posts which say that the disc won't spin if the laser doesn't see the disc first.

    "In many cases this PS3 disc problem is caused by a laser problem. This is due to the fact that your laser reads what type of media the disc is before it commands the drive to spin. So if the laser is bad, the disc will not spin." for example.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    the laser can't read the disc without it spinning. i.e. if the drive isn't spinning the disc at the correct speed even if your laser is still perfect it won't read it.

    Your problem isn't with the laser, or you can disregard this and replace your laser again.

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