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Thread: PS3 Lag switch issue help?

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    gameunit Guest

    Question PS3 Lag switch issue help?

    So i made this lag switch that was posted in the tut section. Seems to work great. Except for the game called tekken. For some reason, everytime i flip the switch. It does not lag, but it makes the game freeze for a couple of seconds. When i turn the switch back, all is normal. But still no lag. I know it has to work, because i've seen other people use a lag switch on me with tekken. Any ideas ?


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    windrider42 Guest
    Where is this Lag Switch tutorial so we can see what your talking about?

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    Probably this old one is my guess:

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    windrider42 Guest
    Ok if its that old one, then read the faqs, as it says it depends upon internet speed and sometimes doesn't work for everyone.

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    gameunit Guest
    Well, thats the whole thing, it used to work. But now it doesn't. Didnt make any changes or whatsoever. It just stopped working. Only the syncing message pops up, and thats it. Really weird

    Could it be, that they patched it ?

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