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Thread: ps3 kiosk demo to retail help?

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    ps3 kiosk demo to retail help?

    i can do the kiosk demo to retail on many systems, but i can't find anywhere if i can do it on a 40 gig kiosk model that has 3.56 firmware without bricking it. will the four digit code work? or can i safely run the level 2 diag or is there a better way? i can't find it..

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    severusx Guest
    I don't know much about the the demo systems, but I would definitely stay away from anything that has to do with Service Mode. Entering service mode on a 3.56 system will get you stuck there. Beyond that I'm not really sure.

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    Thank you. for your input. I am not looking to jailbreak it, just be able to play games on it. Do you know if because i am not trying to jailbreak or install a backup manager if i can just unlock it with the four digit code?

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    severusx Guest
    According to this post: 2297 should unlock 3.56 just like 3.55. Again, I am not an expert on demo consoles, so use at your own risk.

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    thank you i will try it what do i have to lose i guess. and thank you for your time. much appreciated.

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    severusx Guest
    No problem, if that works please post back and choose a best answer to close the thread.

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    kiosk 3.56 to retail

    the codes do work, but require a input whenever firing up the system. just like a log in on a p.c. with dongles and mass information i know of and could not figure out how to permantely take the kiosk 3.56 out of demo mode. the downgrade method was not an option for obvious reason and acid cfw wouldn't touch it either.

    i can do regular kiosk downgrading as i have dongles for ease of use, but i have tried everything and as all 3.56 , it is stuck there. the code does not fully unlock it as you can't go to psn. i was not trying to j.b. it but just unlock it. if someone figures this out please post it. thank you all for your help.

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