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Thread: PS3 KeyVault Project

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    Question PS3 KeyVault Project

    it says its been shelved which i presume means its on halt but will they continue it one day or i dunno and why has it been shelved ?

    if a dev could respond to this id love to hear more

    P.S ive posted alot these couple of days and i still cant acces the dev says ive only posted once :S

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    Ya, this was explained a few months ago in another post in the PS3 Chat section... I don't have time now, but if I do in the next few days I will try to find and link to it for you to read.

    Regarding posts, if you read the STICKY threads here it tells you posts in the Newbie and PS3 Theme section don't count towards post count... only quality posts in the other PS3 sections will. However, most of your posts are just questions, so those wouldn't belong in the other sections anyway.

    Update: Here is the link:

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